#11-12-16 : First tasting at “Ma cave à Vins” !

Hi guys ! 😀

 Here is our first article following the discovery of the wine cellar “Ma cave à vins” (which means in french my wine cellar). 🍸

Very nice meeting of the owner :  Nicolas. He is a young wine cellarman who offers a very wide range of products from wine to beer and spirit. 🍻🍷

Nicolas is a approachable cellar man serving these customers. As he explained to us his pleasure is to make discover new products to them. It is for this reason that he organizes tastings allowing the consumer to discover atypical products around food pairing. 👱🏻🍷🍕

So, Saturday morning Nicolas made us discover two quite interesting products!

* The first is from the Ferrer Ribière, in the region of Roussillon ( France), familial property since several years. The goal of this wine is to focus on varietal wine. It’s an organic wine, with Grenache grape, and it’s Nicolas’ favorite type of grape. 🍇

“I let you taste this wine, there some aromas of red fruits, marmelade, vegetal, it’s generous, lightly sour with an beautiful nose.– Nicolas

*The second one it’s a one hundred per cent Carmenere grape called Vina El Aromo from Maule Valey (Chile).

“This wine is not aging in oak barrel, you can feel of the aromas of the Carmenere like mocha, coffee, vanilla, pepper and spices. ☕️” -Nicolas

Two completely different wines that reflect the diversity of this cellar. 🇫🇷🇨🇱

As a small wine cellar « Ma cave à Vins » is a great place to discover some new beverage.🍹

Nicolas and his team make you feel good and advice you very well to found what you are looking for.  Whether you are an expert or not, Nicolas as a passionate man, knows how to adapt and have the right speech. 😁

Ma Cave à Vins is open Monday to Saturday.

And every Thursday to Saturday nights Ma Cave à Vins become a Wine Bar where you can taste some great bottles and cocktails with tapas ! 👌

So our opinion: you have to go there as soon as possible to taste this place !!! 😍

You want to know more ? It is PERF-ECT, a video of our tasting will be posted this week! Be patient ! 😉




Wines, Spirtis and beer, WE LOVE YOU ! 💕


Your Wonderful WE NEED WINE TEAM 🍷❤️

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