#18-12-16 : Ô SUD Cépages & Gourmandises !

Hello guys 🙃

Last Friday  it was an organic visit! Indeed we had the opportunity to realize our second article with Nadine and Denis, two managers of the cellar “O Sud Cépages & Gourmandises”. 👌


Few words about our two managers, (always women in first) 💁:

During several year Nadine was in charge of the communication in a pharmaceutical laboratory 💊, then she moved in our beautiful Bordeaux ❤️ and decided to combine her passion for the wine with her job. Nadine did a specific formation in the wine and the spirits business to acquire some news skills in this typical market. There she met her future collaborator  : Denis !

After a hotel management school , after many year as sommelier and viti-oeno technicianDenis decided to get commercial skills doing the IPC formation. 🍷

It’s quite naturally that the creative and communicational side of Nadine became allied to the technical skills of Denis to give birth to “O Sud Cépages & Gourmandises” in September 2015 ! 👏

To understand the atmosphere of the cellar, but also to discover these two cellar-men, we decided to ask them some questions … 😇

And the question 1 is: (drum roll)

According to you, what are the qualities to be a cellar-man ? 🍸

“I think it’s necessary to be passionate, not to stay only behind its counter when customers comes in! 👋” – Denis

“In an independent cellar, we have a better knowledge of our customers, almost personally, but also the suppliers, we know who is behind the bottle.🍾” – Nadine


The question 2:

How do you select your wines? 🍷

” First of all, I have some family members in Roussillon region and Nadine near Marseille, we’re always in contact with wine makers. We try to be present at a maximum of events as ” Millésime Bio”fair to meet directly the wine growers. But it’s also during some travel, as my holidays in Corsica, I try to build my own network and to reference wine growers. Our first initiative when we meet them, is to ask them who they are, we want to know them before enjoying their wines. 😁 ” – Denis


The question 3:

What is the added value of your cellar?

Organic products / Wines made in “biodynamic” / The South of France / The emphasis of the different domains and wine growers / Beautiful grocery product ..

” We propose a lunch menu at 11 euros, from Tuesday to Friday which is composed of a big mixed salad, sometimes a soup, only with local product.. But also a big sandwich with vegetables of the South, cheese, coppa, either a bread “bagnat” house matching with a glass of wine.🍞🍷 And to finish a small dessert. And in the evening we propose lovely cheeses and delicatessen meats. 🧀🍖” – Nadine


The question 4:

(Xmas tiiiiiime 🎁🎅🏻🎄-> ) Which wine do you really love would you propose us to associate with our Christmas’ meal ?

“If I had to advise you a wine, it would certainly be the “Tombé du ciel” (Fallen of the sky), produces by Chantal and Nicolas Lebrun in the Enclos des braves (near Virtues, 81 dpt). I think that he summarized well enough our state of mind. It’s a blend of two grape variety : the braucol and the prunelard which are typical of the region of Gaillac. They are pretty young vineyards treat in “biodynamic”. We are on a light wine, a little bit fruity but especially floral aromas, we can find the old rose and the violet flavor, it’s very aromatic and simple. 🍇🍷” – Denis


And now the last question.. the question 5 :

According to you ,what will be the trends of tomorrow ?

“We are in a marketing world, the market of the drink became an industry. At the same time the wine growers in “biodynamic” really want to make local wines, every time you open a bottle the tasting will be different. 🍾 Because the wine is “alive” in agreement with the nature, it’s temporal. 🌿 A wine, it’s like a human being : there are good days and bad days . But I really think that the biodynamic system is the future. 🌙” – Denis

“I also think that it comes from the current high demand of the consumers, for biodynamic wines. At this time, our cellar is 90% composed by biodynamic or organic wines. 🍇 ” – Nadine


A small word for the end Denis?

Here, we want to share with our customers more than a simple bottle, because a part of the bottle reflects the soul of the wine grower. 👱🏻 🍇  And I would like to end on a small quote which means a lot to me from Salvador Dali : “He who knows how to taste does not drink wine, but savors secrets.” 


Our opinion:

We had a very good time together with Nadine and Denis who knew how to transmit their passion through their magnificent cellar. ✨ Their offer is different from other wine merchants from Bordeaux, and it feels so good! 😁👍 We also particularly appreciated their value added centered on organic wines of the South of France, the emphasis of the wine growers and especially .. THEIR PLAYLIST WHICH KICK ASSES ! 🎶

Nadine and Denis are waiting for you at the 18th Rue du Hâ ! 😁


Braucol, Prunelard and SouthWine, WE LOVE YOU ! 💕


Your Wonderful WE NEED WINE TEAM 🍷❤️

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