#01-01-17 : Vins urbains

Hi friends, Happy New Yeeeeeeear ! 🎉🎊

How are you? Have you had a good time yesterday? It may be still hard for you, so we offer something nice: our last visit to an amazing wine bar called Vins Urbains (which means urban wines) ! 😄

So this week, we had the chance to spend some time with Jan the owner of this wine bar ! We tell you more  rigggght now! 👉

As usual question 1 which allows us to always learn a little more about these great owners and understand their project :

What is your background ? Why did you choose the middle of the wine?

📍 Native from Clermont Ferrand I started in the Catering sector, in the kitchen and then I did waiter manager to look for some conviviality with customers.

A few years later I felt like discovering the wine and decided to come to Bordeaux. 🍷 I realized that without wine knowledge it was difficult to find a place in the sector. 😕 So I decided to follow a sommelier training at 30 years old : and here I am !!! 😁


Question 2 :

What is the added value of your cellar ? 🤔

 We make a lot of wine outside Bordeaux.About 70% of the drinks menu com from this others regions I also have some foreign references. 🇫🇷

We offer tapas : we call it nibbling. It goes from the basic charcuterie and cheese” 🧀🍖 to the small sandwiches sketches 🌭, we try to do little researches to propose quality accompaniments to allow people to have a good time. We have a space downstairs which allows to accommodate groups between 15 and 25 people or tries to adapt the formulas according to the budgets. 🙂

For me urban wine is push people to discover new products and counter a little bit the ideas received. 😊


Tell us more and more -> question 3 :

How do you select your wines ?

Over time I have met all the winemakers and I work directly with them on almost the whole of the range. I meet them at specialized trade fair and most often I meet them by visiting vineyardsMeet the winemaker is very important for me. 🍇🌿

There are some big names with which I do not work : in fact it’s an ethical choice. When I propose a label, a wine, it tastes well along with the owner’s guiding principles too. 🙌


Question 4 pleaseee :

According to you how can you define the cellar’s atmosphere ?

The pleasure of wine without boredom. 😏

We offer 450 referencesMost people are complexed with this product. So we decide to really put forward the tasting by the glass to allow to discover new wines without buying a bottle. 🍷 By the glass there is  fifteen references that changes every week. I do not hesitate to open a bottle for a request when prices remain reasonable to discover a product.🍾

What I like is that people enjoy themselves Without asking questions, without philosophical debate. 😊

I feel like I have done my job when people leave to the cellar and say to themself I discovered a wine I did not know. 💪


One more -> the question 5 :

What is the added value of your cellar?

It is a wide range coming from everywhere in France, this is what allows people to travel while staying here. ✈️

As for foreign wines, I like to know the winegrower. I have a lot of Catalan Prieurate wine, I went to Germany to taste some Reisling that I brought back later. 🍇 I have not had the chance to visit countries like Argentina or Chile yet. 😌


Yeah we are super curious, so question 6 :

What do you think will be the trends of tomorrow ?

There is a huge evolution especially in Bordeaux where we talk more and more about biodynamics and organic wine. For me the most important thing is that the wine is good before being organic. 🙄

We see a big change in the level of winegrowers who understood the importance of working healthier products. It is really the big fund trend that I have felt in recent years. 🙃

Also we realize that younger generations are more and more curious and want to discover the winesI am astonished to see these young people who through instant information knows all the winemaking regions, winegrowers. 😮 30 years ago we had to move to have this knowledge, to read some magazines and today in 5 minutes we know everything about the winemaker. 💻


And the last one, questionnnn 7 :

What is your favorite wine for a good New Year ?

I like the Languedoc’s wines because I think it is a region where there are very good value for money.

For example  the domain St Sylvestre which is a new estate that only exists since 2011. 👶

I have met the winemaker when he worked in the field of Montcalmes. And after he created his own domain in 2011. It’s a wine Which is beginning to become known !👍


Something else Jan ?

VIN URBAIN : is about help people to discover new products and help them to make their own opinion of each product.


Our opinion :

We really had a great time. 😄
Jan is really nice, He took the time to answer our questions and spoke with sincerity. 😌 We can clearly see that he has a lot of knowledge and especially a great passion for the products he offers.🥂

Regarding the place, it is very easy to access and well indicated. The interior is really beautiful and you feel immediately at ease. ✨ The floor below is very original and we feel a very special atmosphere. 😀

Simplicity, generosity, good atmosphere and good products, nothing better not? ❤️

So as for all our favorites, we advise you to go there as soon as possible! 👍👍



27 Rue des Bahutiers, 33000 Bordeaux, France



New year, false resolutions and champagne in profusion, WE LOVE YOU ! 💕


Your Wonderful WE NEED WINE TEAM 🍷❤️



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