#08-01-17 We need to talk about us

So ok,  every week we introduce you a wine cellar, that’s good, we love to do it .. But, hey, when is that someone introduces us ? 🤔

Ok, Christmas is past, but we want to give you a gift. And your gift is us.
On the program (drum roll), definition, love of wine, new year’s resolutions (this time we will realize them) … 🎁🎉

This is therefore an interview with us, by us and just for you.🎁❤️

Hello ourselves, we have some questions for us. Are we ready ? No ? We don’t care. 👍

Let’s go, first one :

If you were a wine… You would be …?🙄

If I was a wine, I will be the Triple Zéro, a natural sparkling wine without any addition of sugar, from La Taille aux Loups, in the Loire Valley. This wine is very simple at the first view, but if we tried to discover it more deeply, we can be surprise by its complexity. Its totally natural, there is no magic powder in it, only simplicity, respect, festivity and happiness. 🍾❤️ – Juan Carlito


If I was a wine, I probably will be red wine Chinon 2005, with 100% of cabernet franc variety, one of the best red wine in Touraine (Loire valley). This grape and the Chinon terroir composed giving this wine its fine tannins and subtle aromas of red fruits and spices. 🍇🍷 – Marie Josiane


If I was a wine, I will be Avignonesi Riserva Grandi Annate 2007 with macerated raspberry heart and a solid base of tannins for support awesome. 🙌🍾 – Jean Hugues


I would be a Sauternes, I would even say a Chateau Guiraud 1995. Why 1995? Because it is the best year (this year a star was born .. ME ✨), but also it is a year in 5 and the year in 5 is always a good year, voila. Why a Château Guiraud ? Because it’s a 100% French product, made in an environmentally friendly viticulture (because I am worth it 👑). It’s like me : sweet, tender, sweet and round (but as long as I fit into my jeans, it’s ok), but also with a hidden force of character (😈). Also it’s a  wine full of history and originality. So I would be this festive and this luxurious wine (Queen Brenda, b**** please 👸). – Brenda


Question 2 : 

Can you tell us about the last wine you drank? (Drunkard) 🍷🍷🍷

The last wine i’ve drink was a Minervois La Livinière “La Cantilène” from Château Sainte-Eulalie (2013). Yes it’s an impressive name, but the wine.. please kill me. 🔫 This wine, is maybe the most unbelievable wine I’ve taste from the Languedoc Roussillon. I’m not joking guys, buy it, try it, the first nose will kick your ass of, there is vanilla, orange rind, beautiful red fruits. A wonderful balance with some spice. And the finish. Holy sssss the finish never ends. You can’t die without tasting this marvelous product of the gods. This wine will send you to Valhalla (sorry I’m always stuck on the last episode of Vikings since 3 days). 😱❤️ – Juan Carlito


It was Clos de Siete 2013 from the Argentina vineyard of Michel Rolland (Œnologist and consultant very recognized in France). This wine represents a unique concept on 850 hectares of vines at the foot of Andes, 4 bodegas working together with passion to product an only wine blended by Michel Rolland. Clos Siete 2013 Is revealed with an open and convivial nose, with a lot of aromas red fruit and complex spices. On the palate, the palate is round, velvety, and the tannins sweet. The finish is slightly spiced and continues well. A great Malbec from Argentina ! 🇦🇷😍-Marie Josiane


My last wine that i tasted was domaine Montcalmes 2012. For the little story this wine aged in Romanee Conti old barrels. Its texture is pulpy, a crisp suavity with fine and precise tannins. One of the best good value in Languedoc region. 🇫🇷👌- Jean Hugues


The last wine I drank was the “Muscat de Noel“, Mas Delmas from Rivesaltes. Denis had advised me  this wine ( the O sud Grapes and Gourmandises‘ cellarman). I had already enjoyed his tasting in the cellar, then I decided to take a small bottle ( a normal bottle in fact..) to enjoy it with family. 🌲 So I took it as an aperitif accompanied by toast with truffles of my grandparents (big up ❤️). I was pleasantly surprised to find a fresh wine, easy to drink (even if the alcohol is present). Finally I even enjoyed it the next day, already open and a little cooler, fresh aromas, round and fruity it was cleared. This is still a sweet wine, which is not always unanimous, but for this meal I made a no fault (as usual 😏) – Brenda


Question 3:

Poetic moment: What does wine represent to you? ❤️🍇

The wine it is much more than a simple alcoholic drink. 🥂 It is the reflection of an autarky and a balance completed between the Man and the Earth. 👽 A good wine is a wine which expresses at best its native soil. A wine bottle can make moments even more joyful, or less sad. 😀😕It is something personal but who is recommended to share with people that we love. I appreciate particularly Christmas dinners in family 🌲, cos’ the wine is always estimated in its just value and allows all to have a more beautiful moment.💕 – Juan Carlito

In my opinion, the wine represents for me my past, my present and my future. 😬Actually I was born in a winemaker family, I’m a little like Obelix, I fallen in a vat in my childhood and now I’m completely in love with the wine. 😍😍It’s a beautiful product that have the power to gather some friends and to untie our tongue. The wine tell us their story through glass of wine! I want taste the most possible fine wines! Gotta catch’em all ! 🍾– Marie Josiane

In my opinion, the wine is a big part of my life. I’m all the time looking for a new one, discover new region.🙌✈️ I love speak about wine, this product is awesome. You never found another product like this who each time you open a bottle you learn new things. I’m a passionate of wine and it will become my future job. ❤️-Jean Hugues

For me wine is sharing 👥 (even if drinking alone is cool too), love ❤️ (and yes to pay a wine to someone it’s certainly you like her/him.. ), it is the party  🎉(most of the time after a bottle we are all super happy), it is emotion 😱(oh yes the gustative orgasm exists) Is also history 😊(which says chateau, says history telling and not it is not always as annoying as the documentary that looks your nanny Saturday afternoon), but it is mainly know-how 👍 (big kisses to you : winegrowers , Cellarmans, pickers, etc .. without you our life would be sad and bitter ..). 💕 – Brenda

Question 4 :

Last question, we know that you are very wise, then .. What are your resolutions for 2017 ? 🎉

My resolutions for 2017 ? Ahah it’s very easy. Drink more wine. More regularly. Being an addict and die in a barrel full of wine.

Joke, my resolutions for 2017 are :

Discover more and more wine from Bordeaux, region that I don’t know many things. 📍

– Open myself to all white wines, with ou without sugar… Big step for me. 😬

– Have more tastings with my friends, because it’s important to not drink alone. 👥

Feed my passion for the wine as much as possible.  ❤️- Juan Carlito

About my 2017 Wine Resolution I would to increase my knowledge in wine so as to bring you the best possible way to discover the finest wine in Bordeaux. ✈️An another resolution Is to increase my physical condition, for that, I will drink 1-2 glass of red wine per day, that is very good for our heart and our brain! 💪💪- Marie Josiane

About my 2017 Wine Resolution I would like discover new wine that I never taste. Each year, I choose a country and this year will be Portugal wine. 🇵🇹 They make fabulous wine very famous like Porto but this country makes traditional wine as well. Let’s start to discover new feeling, new taste, new learn, essential for my experience.😀❤️ – Jean Hugues

My resolutions for 2017:

No, I would not accept a “little rosé grapefruit” 😒

Yes, I would encourage my friends to go to a wine shop to get a little wine rather than buy a disgusting wine in the supermarket which is not so “cheap” 👌

No, I would not do the sacrilege of drinking champagne in a plastic goblet (It really does not go well) 🤢

😂❤️Yes, I would try to spit during tasting to avoid becoming alcoholic 😪

No, I would not lie about my excessive consumption of wine 😏

Yes, when I have a good bottle, I would call my buddies instead of drinking alone as an egoist 🍾

No, I would not limit my consumption to only Sauternes (even if it is life) 😕

Yes, I will discover many other countries and their wines this year 🇵🇹🇦🇷

No, I would not stop my bad humor 😏

And yes, I would continue to write you articles, full of love, humor and wine. ❤️😂🍷-Brenda

It’s all for today thank you for having read us, do not hesitate to comment, share, we love you. 💕

Do not worry, we will not be narcissistic every week, interviews come back next Sunday dudes!


Humor, wines and Loire Valley, WE LOVE YOU ! 💕


Your Wonderful WE NEED WINE TEAM 🍷❤️



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