#15-01-17 We need to advise you

Hellooo everyone !

This Sunday we want to advise you the best possible ! 🎉
You behind your screen who expecting that the rain transform into wine !
we will share with you our deepest secrets about how enjoy wine in Bordeaux !👌

Soooo We need wine team wake up ! Our readers don’t have the time to lose, so lead them in Bordeaux !

Let’s go first one :

Where to Eat and Dine in the Bordeaux City Center ?

I know a really good Pizzeria well located in center of Bordeaux this names « Chez Peppone ». 😍

Let’s begin with their amazing cellar, a very good surpise 🎉 because instead of order your bottle of wine to the waiter/waitress, you have to go down to the cellar and choose the bottle of your choice (Good point for the originality) ! I had chose one of them that i’m keep in mind, a very tasty Barbaresco with a majority of Nebbiolo (Italian grape variety) at a good level quality/price (10-15€). 

The atmosphere is warm, marked by Italian culture. The welcome is friendly, prompt service with smiling and courteous waiters.

Food is really fresh,👌 the Chef do their best to express the aromas of each products. (Coup de coeur for their fresh pasta and their pizza). And in addition you have the possibility to enjoy at home of your meal, they make to take away! 💕– Marie Josiane

Opening time : Monday to Sunday : 12:00 – 14:30/19:00 – 23:00

Adress : ‪31, Cours Georges Clemenceau – 33000 Bordeaux

Phone number : +33 5 56 44 91 05

Croc Loup this is a beautiful place to eat, in the heart of the historical district of saint pierre.

I have been so many times and the food it’s awesome. Every dish are tasty and well cooked Place with soft and cosy atmosphere it’s perfect restaurant for couple to have good time.😍😍

The wine list is correct with some great bottle. The staff and service are friendly and prompt, great place with good value. 👍

You should plan to get a reservation, the place is quiet small and always full. 🙄 – Jean-Hugues

Adress : 33, rue du loup – 33000 Bordeaux

Phone number : +33 5 56 44 21 19


There is a small restaurant named Mamie Bigoude who opened 100 meters away from my flat, I know the concept thanks to the same restaurant situated in Tours. It is a beautiful creperie with a magnificent and comic decoration with an original atmosphere.meme

We can find traditional dishes from French Britain as “La Galette Complète” 👌or some pancakes, accompanied by a good bottle of dry cider it’s perfect.

The prices remain affordable, I strongly recommend this restaurant to you! He is situated in Bordeaux-Lac.

I’ll take you there with pleasure if you pay the cider. 😈 – Juan Carlito

Opening time :
Monday & Sunday : 12h00 – 14h30
Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Friday : 12h00 – 14h30/ 19h00 – 22h30

: 22, Avenue Marcel Dassault – 33300 Bordeaux

Phone number : +33 5 57 02 87 60


Question 2 :

Where is your favorite place to drink a glass of wine ?

My favorite place to drink a glass, bottle of wine is anywhere but with my friends.👥 We like to organise some wine tastings between us with difference theme each once (by country, grape variety…).

Recently i went to « La Cité du vin » is a unique monument which gives a different view of wine, across the world, across the ages, across all cultures and all civilisations for the beginner to the expert. At the top of « La Cité du vin » in belvedere, you can pass an agreable moment 👌 with an amazing view of Bordeaux 😍 and a glass of wine of one the different countries presents by a sommelier. 🍷 – Marie-Josiane

Prices :

  • Adult : €20.00
  • Adult reduced rate : €16.00 (Disabled people, student, French or European job seeker)
  • Young person : €9.00 (between 6 and 17 years old)
  • Under 6 years FREE

Opening time :

From Tuesday to Sunday at 10h00 to 18h00

Adress : 134-150 Quai de Bacalan / 1, esplanade de Pontac – 33300 Bordeaux


I appreciate particularly Italian wines proposed by the Totto, a bar / restaurant which is situated place du parlement (Place of the Parliament) in the center of Bordeaux. Nothing exceptional, just attractive wines, attractive Spritz and others cocktail for 6-7 euros, the terrace is pleasant and spacious, we can warm themselves with the present stoves, so cosy. To drink a quick glass for 4€ at the end of the day = > Perfect. 👍 – Juan-CarlitoSans titre.png

My favorite place to drink a glass of wine is definitely Vin Urbain😍, we did a topic 3 weeks ago I’m twice a week there to discover great bottle best place for good value in my opinion.👌 – Jean-Hugueslogo.png

Question 3 :

What is your favorite Château ?25574-250x600-bouteille-chateau-dauzac-5eme-cru-classe-rouge--margaux.png

Last summer i went to the Château Dauzac 🇫🇷👌which is one of the oldest vineyard estates in Médoc, it is a reference among Margaux wines, well-known as a Cinquième Cru Classé, in the 1855 ratings.

I visited their luxury winery 😍, that was very amazing and interesting and mainly i tasted Château Dauzac 2014. This great wine of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot shows a nicely complex and elegant bouquet 🍷❤️, which is slowly revealed when aerated. The richness of the tannins and the aromatic amplitude of the fruit, reveals a subtle balance between fruity, flowery and spicy notes and a complex, fleshy mouthfeel. the tannins create great emotion during tasting. 👍 – Marie-Josiane    

Price : 8€/person for the visite

Adress : 1, Avenue Georges Johnston – 33460 Labarde

Phone number : 05 57 88 32 10


I decided to propose two categories in the question of the choice of château. I will divide it
into 2 Price categories : A first for bottles between 20 and 30euros and a second for bottles between 50 and 60 euros.

For the first categorie one of my favorite wine iimg_2500s lacoste borie 🇫🇷👌 the second wine of château grand puy lacoste, Pauillac wine, It is made primarily of Cabernet Sauvignon and was vinified in French oak barrels for 18 months. With blackberry, plum and charcoal on the nose the palate is plump and refined with firm, ripe tannins providing the frame.❤️

The nose is dominated by black fruits with black cherry
very much to the fore. The mid palate has the sweetness of ripe fruit and rounded tannins, the richness well balanced by some bilberry freshness. My favorite vintage is 2005 👍

For the second catégorie one of my favorite wine is Nenin Pomerol wine, 🇫🇷👌 On average, Chateau Nenin is aged in 30% new oak, or less, for an average of 18 months, depending on the vintage.

Flowers, cocoa and cherry notes on the nose, with fresh cherries, crisp cassis and sweet strawberries in the finish. This wine was produced from 68% Merlot and 32% Cabernet Franc.🍇

My favorite vintage is 2007,  I tasted 2 months ago ready to drink ! 👍 – Jean-Hugues

I live in Bordeaux since September and I have still visited no specific domain of Bordeaux, I have simply taste wines of some of these famous domains. In particular Château Lynch-Bages 🇫🇷👌during a presentation at the INSEEC. The complexity and the precision in the elaboration of wines really  impressed me. The tasting of the various grapes varieties one by one to taste then the final assembly was incredible 😍. Well, fortunately, these wines are not affordable for a guy like me.. Maybe one day.😈 – Juan-CarlitoSans titre.png

Question 4 :

Where do you buy your wine bottles ?

When i need a bottle of wine quickly, i generaly go the nearest wine cellar. I don’t hesitate to ask at the cellar-man some advice to choose my bottle and i have never been disapointed by them. I know when i go to a wine cellar that i can trust the quality of their selection. If i want a original and fine bottle of wine i prefer to go to « Ma cave à vin » in Stalingrad 👍 (we have done an article about it : the first) because i have a full trust in the advice of Nicolas.mcv.png

When i do the shopping in supermarket, and when i don’t know which bottle of wine choose i prefer to select the bottle with write on the capsule the letter R for « Récoltant » (producer) or E instead of the letter N for Negociant. I do that because generaly we have less of surprise with a wine elaborate by their own producer instead of few negociants. 😱- Marie-Josiane

Most of the time I buy bottles at wine merchants in the center of Bordeaux. I have no favourite wine merchant at this point, I try to discover a maximum of things but the recent interviews push me to go to discover more in detail the cellar-man we’ve already interviewed. 🙌- Juan-Carlito

Cash Vin is both a merchant and wine merchant. This is a wine cellar located mainly in the south west of france. I really like to go buy my wine in this merchant because the wine cellar are very skilled enought, professional advice true that it is a precise request or no specific idea of the wine advice is relevant. The wine merchants know very well each property which confers a legitimacy in their advice. 👍🍇

logo_headerCash wine offers a very wide range of products from Bordeaux, france 🇫🇷👌and a large part is reserved for foreigners. Cash wine also offers a wide range of spirits

Cash wine offers many nice reference with good advice always at attractive price. 🙌 – Jean-Hugues

It’s all for today thank you for having read us, do not hesitate to comment, share, we love you. 💕

Bordeaux, wines and food, WE LOVE YOU ! 💕


Your Wonderful WE NEED WINE TEAM 🍷❤️



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