#29.01.17 : You need to discover

Hi bunnies! 🐰
You missed it? Anyway you missed us!

This week we (still) decided to make you a different article. Lack of time ? Lack of imagination? Not at all ! We just said : “Hey guys, we talk to them about tasting wines in cool places in Bordeaux, but when we talk about really discovering the wine, learning and knowing how to taste? When we talk about the more theoretical and cultural part? ” 🤔

So here we decided to present to you two landmarks of Bordeaux, which are for us unavoidable to learn full on the wine! 🍇

We let you take a look !


First place: Le Musée du vin et du négoce. (the Museum of Wine and Trading) 🍾

Since last year, all eyes have turned towards La Cité du vin. Presentend As the sanctuary of the wine knowledge with the last interactive technology where all contries are honored. ✈️

Nonetheless we must not forget the history of Bordeaux and especially the history of trading in Bordeaux, so you should visit the Museum of Wine and Trading. 🇫🇷

Established in old cellars, built in 1720 depict the work of the coopers and the traditional wine ageing practices of traders in the nineteenth century. The museum presents a collection of unique historical objects, many testimonies of the past and present. You can also find several panels and informative documents that explain the wine trade of Bordeaux: from the evolution of the wine merchant dating back to the Middle Ages since the Bordeaux wine privilege to the present day with the work in the wineries and exports. 🚢


The association “Bordeaux Historia Vini” is the initiative behind the opening of the Bordeaux Wine and Trade Museum on the 26th June 2008.🏢

At the end of the visit, you conclude by a wine tasting organised in the boutique of the museum. They help you to differentiate between the grape varieties Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, as well as learn the difference between a Merchant and a Chateau wine. 🍇🍷🍾


If you wan’t learn more about Bordeaux wine merchant and brockers go there ! 👈

Prices : it’s only 10 euros per adult  and avantageous price of 5euros for student and job seekers ( including a wine tasting with two wines).  Free for children up to 18 years old. 💸

The adress : is Cellier des Chartrons 41 rue Borie 33300 Bordeaux 📍

The museum is open all year Monday to Sunday from 10am-6pm 🕐 



So, is not that cool? 😎

We like the affordable side of the place (it’s not cheap? 💰), But we also like the fact that it is a place full of history where we take the time to explain  to us the wine culture of Bordeaux. In addition it is the opportunity to take a small tasting course and learn how to do ( To look less stupid in a bar trying to do like the professionals). ☺️🍷

But it’s not over, now La Cité du Vin (the City of The Wine) : 


Inaugurated on Tuesday, May 31st 2016,  La Cité du Vin of Bordeaux is a magnificent museum based on the culture of wines. With its incredible architecture, the city of the wine proclaims itself bigger museum of the world dedicated to the wine (it demand 81 million euros to realize the project). 🏢

Divided into 4 public floors, the museum allows you to discover the wine-making universe, of its origin until the trends of tomorrow through playful and interactive workshops and animations on more of 3000m ².  With the help of a simple headphones called “Travelling companion” 📱, you can activate yourself the audio files according to your route by scanning the codes of the studios workshops.

You can find also a restaurant / wine bar, ” Le 7 “ which puts in the honor the vineyard of Bordeaux while proposing some snacks, tapas etc. 🍔, an auditorium and a huge cellar 🍾🍾(12 000 bottles among which more than 800 different references 😍). You can also buy a ticket for an introduction of the wine tasting if you’re curious 😏. Everything is made so that you become soaked totally with the universe of the wine.
At the end of your visit, you will have the possibility of rising to the last stage of the museum to take advantage of a wine-tasting glass included in the price of the ticket, in front of a panorama in 360 ° of Bordeaux and the Garonne. 😍


The City of the Wine is situated on the Quai de Bacalan in the district of Bassins à Flot, it is very easy to reach it, at the same time by the Tramway, the bus, the boats BCub … 📍🚝🚲🚎🚤

The museum is open every single day, from 9:30 am to 7 pm (check the website for verification) 🕐

Price lists 💸:
– 20€ Ticket Full Price
– 16€ Ticket Reduces (Handicap, 18-23 years old)
– 10€ Young Ticket ( 12-17 y.o)
– 8€ Ticket Child ( 6-11 y.o) and free for child who are under 6 years old.


For more informations :

Website – Tripadvisor – Facebook

We like the innovative side of this museum. Focused on technology it allows a unique experience that suits the whole family. The visit is done in autonomy but well accompanied by the little companions, which allows to advance at its own pace and to take advantage of all that this place offers. 👌
The big plus is the magnificent cellar with its many references and the gourmet restaurant. 😍🍔
For a museum as innovative and new, the price seems reasonable to us! That is why it is advisable to go there during your visits to Bordeaux! 💸

For people living in Bordeaux, the museum also offers some great conferences full of different topics! 💕

That’s all for us! 😏
We hope you enjoy this little article and especially that you donenr want to cultivate you a little (instead of just drinking)! 💕
Do not hesitate to give us your opinions on these places! 😄

Discovery, culture and drinking  : we love you !

Your Wonderful WE NEED WINE TEAM 🍷❤️

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