05.02.17 : We need to satisfy your curiosity

Hello loves! 😍
Have you had a great weekend? πŸ˜‰
Here in Bordeaux it was rough. And yes, big storm, impossible to leave home, we were held hostage by our own beds! Can you imagine that? 😱

So this week no tasting again (yes, we become serious and sober 😏), but a small article specially written for the bold and those with ideas worthy of Mac Gyver. πŸ€“

Here we go ! πŸ‘‰

Each year, as the vintages grow, more and more people are interested in the wine world, especially in tasting (better thing in wine is to taste, we agree on it ). πŸ‘

But the world of wine must innovate to surprise and attract the curious. πŸ—Ί One often tends to say that the world of wine is closed to change, wants to be conservative of its tradition, but it is false! ❌ Many innovations are born, launched by young creators who want to break new ground or facilitate our consumption of wine. 🍷

Musical wine glasses (so amazing right ?!) 🎢

No, wine glass is not only the obligatory tool of the wine lover, it is also a musical instrument! 🎸 Indeed, our English friends had the idea to invent the “Musical Glass“πŸ₯‚, a glass that sings when you slide your finger against the ledge and changes notes according to its level of filling! So clearly, we did not find any interest in it, but it would still be the amazingΒ to have one at home. πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚



Wipes to wash wine on teeth (Sooooo usefull) πŸ‘„

This magnificent invention that comes to us from the other side of the Atlantic will allow you, the great drinkers you are, to erase all “potential” black traces of tannins on your lips and teeth! πŸ‘€ Β These “Wine Wipes” allow you to have a spotless mouth after enjoying the pleasures of particularly colored varieties such as Malbec and Tannat. πŸ‘Œ

Believe us, the violet lips of drunks that will please anyone. πŸ˜‰


A balloon to preserve the wine started (OMG genius)

The American company Metroplex Services (Ohio) offers $ 22 for an innovative wine storage system: Air Cork. 🎈 Launched in 2011 as Wine Balloon, this gadget consists of an inflatable rubber balloon connected to a pear. πŸ‡ This balloon is inserted in the opened bottle and then inflated until it is in contact with the wine and the wine is isolated from the air. πŸ’¨

Food grade, this rubber balloon would not give taste to the wine.  ❌ The most perfect hermetic would last 3 days, then we must inflate again the balloon to preserve the wine. 🎈Currently available from some American wine merchants, this product is available on the Air Cork website.πŸ‘Œ



Thank you for following us every week (it’s normal we are fabulous πŸ‘‘), we hope you liked this article! πŸ˜„ Β In any case, we had a lot of fun doing it πŸ˜‚ (and we were sober, almost all ended, promised 😎).Β 

Spend all a good week, and if it’s too hard two things: listen to musical wine glasses all day, and drink a good bottle! πŸ’•

Glass, balloon and wipes : we love you !πŸ’•


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