#12-02-17 :Garopapilles.

Hello darlings!
How are you ? You are on vacation ? No ? And why not “come back to basic” and discover a new wine cellar that will be your future destination?

Today we visited for you a lovely Bordeaux wine cellar : Garopapilles !

We can not wait to tell you a little more! So let’s go babiiies!

We do not change good habits, we are always curious. So question 1 :

What is your background and why have you chosen the middle of the wine?

I have an atypical career, because I was not at all from the middle of the wine. I first worked in international affairs, I was in diplomacy as a municipal parliamentary adviser and after that I worked in the Embassy for 3 years, after which I was fed up. I have always been passionate by the wine , I wanted to work in wine, so I came to Bordeaux to do the Master 2 management of wines and spirits at the INSEEC. As part of this master, I did my internship alternately at Château Bailly where I met my partner Tanguy Lavialle who is chef de cuisine and has a BTS Viti-œno and initially we started a self-employment Sale of wine. We started by selling to the buddies, it got bigger and then one day we wondered why we would not settle from where the idea saw our 2 courses to make this establishment a little hybrid : half wine cellar half restaurant . We are the only ones like this in Bordeaux.

We have been open for 3 years now. Half of our teams come from Guérard and have experience in catering for 15 years.


What a beautiful background! But what about the cellar? Question 2:

What is the winery’s specialty / product / region?

We specialize in not having one. The way we see it and how we live it :  this is a wine cellar made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Since I have been interested in wine, I have always had the curiosity and the desire to go see everywhere and it is the same for our cellar. The idea is more to go get the right products everywhere.

We have about 700 references. In red: 25% of Bordeaux and Burgundy, between 15-20% of Rhône, 20% of Languedoc and the rest will be Jura wines, Loire wines, Alsace, Corsica.


Ok it sounds good. And what is the professional’s opinion? Question 3:

How will you describe the atmosphere of the cellar?

The selection of wines is demanding, we try to look for what others do not, producing by small productions. The idea is that when the consumer comes home he feels that he is with someone who has made a sharp selection, that we have not just aligned the references like that and that we can advise him as best is possible. For the overall feel, this is a fairly intimate, authentic place, it is relatively upscale but has lots of wines at 7-8 euros.


And yes, obviously we do not forget this super lovers day (sorry for the single ones, we sympathize .. In case of depression drink one or two bottles)! Question 4 bae:

What wine do you recommend for Valentine’s Day?

A wine that I adore is a Côte du Rhône that is representative of what we do. It is made by Jean-Louis Chave who owns a small trading house “Jean-Louis Chave Selection“. The cuvee is called “Mon coeur” (my heart), it is a 100% Syrah, made mainly with vines that come from the Croze Hermitage.

It is a super charming and seductive wine.

I discovered this wine in a wine bar in Geneva and I made inquiries to get it.
It is a wine that is not found very much in France because for the record, Jean-Louis Chave to set up his trading company at the request of an importer American or English who asked him for wine signed Chave But not at 200 € a bottle. Originally everything went to this importer there and then finally, as there is a bit that remained on the market they were redistributed in France.

Food / wine pairing: I advise you to accompany this wine with a patanegra ham Serano slightly raised, ort a grilled pigeon with a pepper sauce or even a duck breast just toasted. You can also drink this wine as an aperitif it’s really nice.


Ok we stop annoy you, Question 5, the last oneeee: 

What opinion will the trends of tomorrow be?

There is a real evolution : the way we buy wine and the appearance of wine merchants on the internet. It is a risk for wine merchants which now serves to make discover and tomorrow customers will look on the internet if they Can not find it cheaper. What the internet does not know is to advise and make discover.

There  is also the box system such as “Le petit Ballon” .. which responds remarkably to a request from another clientele. Those who hardly ever drink wine but are delighted to be able to taste 2 bottles from time to time, not too complicated with good quality.
There is a tendency on clean wines (organic, biodynamic, natural …) Bordeaux is still behind, 90% of our producers in Languedoc are in organic farming.


Sweet Jesus ! What a discovery! We loved this place !
The cellar is beautiful and very full! We found a lot of wines we are not used to seeing, and others very interesting and we are very well welcomed by passionate people wich are listening to the customers.

We advise you to go there, all the time, every day! Aha
To help you a little here are the contact details!
Validated and approved!

Monday to Saturday, from 09:30 to 19:00

Adresse : 62 Rue Abbé de l’Épée, 33000 Bordeaux, France



Love, Côte du Rhone and depression, WE LOVE YOU ! 💕


Your Wonderful WE NEED WINE TEAM 🍷❤️

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