About us

We are a fabulous team, composed of four beautiful people. 😍

Sooooo this is us ( Aren’t we pretty ?) 😉Photo de l'équipe we need wine👈(From left to right)👉

The first one ? This is Jean Hugues, besides selling donuts on the beaches of Cancun, he is also our project manager. His dada? The Carrefour’s wine.

The beauty to the right? It’s Marie Josiane, in addition to perfectly cleaning our toilets she is also our editor in chief. Her little pleasure? The “Rosé grapefruit”

Harry Potter? No it’s our community manager, Juan Carlito. In addition to be the best burger dealer of Bordeaux, he likes beer at 80 cents.

And the last. The one that seems lost. It’s Brenda, our webdesigner. She loves cats, on her coats in furs, in her sushi. Otherwise she only drinks goat’s milk from Normandy.